Creating Space for Self Care in Wellness Envrionments

Earlier this week I was visiting my acupuncturist for my tri-weekly visit.  I look forward to the time that I have to relax while I’m lying there on the table waiting for the needles to do their thing.  Laura, my acupuncturist, is adorably sweet and has great energy and presence.  After she gets the needles in place she always says, “Okay, I’ll let you get a little rest.”

Sometimes, the time on the table can seem to go on but often times it flies by.  It’s the times when the clock ticks along slowly that I know I need the solitude most in my life.  During that time I take the opportunity to do some breath work and visualization.

One of the visualizations I do is an act of letting go of the things that no longer serve me.  I imagine myself standing at the top of a high cliff and when I breathe out I imagine throwing off all of the baggage that I don’t need to carry.

I can easily lean toward the tendency to be anxious and worry about things.  I have experienced burn out a couple of time during my adult life and it’s not an easy thing to recover from.  As a result, I’ve become cautious about my self-care, or lack thereof, when times get hectic.

Like me, I know you are compassionate, empathetic, and have a tendency to give while sometimes forgetting or forgoing taking care of yourself.

Do you have a getaway area in your wellness space that allows you to decompress 2 – 4 times throughout the day?  This space should be AWAY from your office, your desk, or any place where you work.  If you don’t have the square footage, maybe it’s just a storage room that could be converted to a beautiful little oasis just for you (as long as you’re not claustrophobic).  If you have the square footage and can incorporate a decompression area for you and your team, do it.  It’s extremely important.

Stress is contagious and addictive.  Let’s start thinking about how we can create room, literal and figuratively, that allows you to restructure your day.

  • Find time in the day to slow down and just be. Sometimes all you need is 5 minutes.  Create a space that you can sit in front of a beautiful piece of artwork that allows you to go somewhere else in your mind.
  • Eat lunch and hydrate in a room that allows you appreciate and value what you’re putting into your body. Blues and greens are great colors for a calming environment that allows you to slow down.
  • Providing a place for your team to come together and create comradery. When you give your team a place to decompress they stay happy too.

When you model these methods of self-care in your wellness environment, your team and your patients will be more encouraged to mimic that same behavior.

Grace and Peace,



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