My innate gift is empathy. My style is organic. My approach is organized.


Are you considering building, expanding, remodeling or simply updating?  You may relate to the following:

  • You’ve decorated the walls of your wellness space with posters, diagrams, and banners with the intention of educating, but now you realize the importance of using soothing artwork to help your patients relax and feel more connected to your healing expertise.  
  • You are the administrator of a senior living community and your color pallet and worn out finishes are screaming 1985.  You’re providing quality care but visually your interior environment looks neglected and doesn’t reflect your compassion and skill.  
  •  You have a beautiful new building but there’s nothing going on inside.  Everything is so neutral it’s like being in a sea of {insert color here}.  The furniture is hard, cold and uninviting.  The lighting is harsh fluorescent and sterile.  You are ready to embrace a patient-centered design approach but haven’t the first clue how to pull it all together in a harmonious way.  
  • Your assisted and independent living kitchens and bathrooms were created to meet codes but they’re still restricting residents from living with ease. 

I can help you with that!

Green Design & Biophilia

Organically we are drawn to nature.  We crave things like sunlight, a walk on a nature trail, the sounds of water, the feel of grass beneath our feet, and the view of a dark night sky filled with stars.  Sustainable design decreases the environmental impact of the built environment and provides us with healthier interior environments.  Biophilic design takes green design one step further by taking the need we have as humans to connect with nature and bring that into the spaces we live, work and heal.

How our spaces are improved


  • Office productivity and overall happiness of staff can be improved by 10-15%.  Creativity, concentration, and staff interaction increases while absenteeism decreases.
  • Post-operative recovery rates improve as healing times decreases by nearly 10%.  Pain medication is reduced by just over 20%.
  • Retention rates increase and the number of referrals grow by creating spaces your customers enjoy visiting and are happy to spend time in.
  • Environments are more calming, restorative, energy efficient, and productive.


A completely customized creation from concept to completion.  My interior planning and design expertise offers cost-saving insight to your project by evaluating your goals and needs ahead of time.  I have great resources and will specify the best finishes, furniture, furnishings and artwork for your project and budget.  My organized processes will help you with purchasing, delivery coordination and installation.


Innately we know this, but research confirms that being part of, or simply viewing nature is important to how we heal and is proven to reduce the time needed for recovery.  Evidence-based art is one-way nature can be incorporated into interior environments.  I select art and sculpture that not only reflects your brand and demographics, but gives hope, reduces stress, and increases trust and confidence in your skills.

The way I work…

  • Less Beige – Nature is full of color and I emulate that in my designs
  • The design process is meant to flow and change as it progresses.  Remain flexible
  • Manners Matter – The law of reciprocity and mutual respect
  • I don’t do anything half-ass and my work reflects that
  • Quality service and quality materials

Here’s an idea of who I design for:

  • Senior Living Communities
    • Independent Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Skilled Care
  • Rehabilitation & Recovery Center
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Family Care Clinics
  • Day Spas
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Yoga Studios
  • Massage Therapists
  • Energy Healers
  • Mental Health Professionals

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